A woman sits at a wood table and works on a single task on her laptopWhen was the last time you felt like you had plenty of time to tackle your to-do list? If the idea of breaking free from being busy all the time seems impossible, here are a few ideas on how to make it happen.

1. Identify your priorities.

It is very possible that you just don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. And since you can’t wave a magic wand and add hours into your day, a different solution might be to identify your priorities. Go through the things you have to get done and prioritize each task. Decide what’s most important to you and move those essential tasks to the top of your list.

2. Get better at saying no.

As you’re very well aware, you won’t get more than 24 hours in each day. So once you’ve started prioritizing tasks, a next step might be to start shortening the length of your to-do list. One way to make this happen is to get better at saying no. Say yes to things that truly matter to you and add value to your life. Everything else is an opportunity for you to practice saying no.

3. Learn how to single-task.

Handling multiple tasks at once can make you feel overwhelmed and contribute to your overall level of busyness. The idea of tackling multiple projects at once might make it seem like you’ll get more done, but the quality of your work might end up suffering. Rather than piling on more tasks, try putting all of your attention toward a single task. You might find that you’re more efficient when you focus on one sole task at a time and end up getting more done after all.

4. Use your downtime wisely.

When you have a few moments of downtime, use that time wisely. Take advantage of these openings in your daily routine to unplug and recharge. Taking a few minutes to relax can help you clear your mind and even reduce your stress levels. Rather than feeling like you have to fill every minute of every day, give your mind and body a chance to rest up.

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