A man does a handstand outdoors with a mountain in the backgroundLet’s face it. Not every workout is going to be enjoyable. But if you walk away from the gym most days feeling happy and refreshed, then that’s a great sign.

But if you happen to be missing any level of enjoyment in your workouts, then here are some ways to combine fitness and fun.

1. Find a workout you love.

A big first step in combining fitness and fun is to find a workout that you love. Again, the goal isn’t to love every single second. But overall, you should like the type of workouts you choose to do. If running or walking on a treadmill or around your neighborhood lacks enjoyment, then go out and try something different!

2. Train with friends and family.

You don’t have to do fitness alone. In fact, it’s a great social activity! An effective way to merge fitness with fun is to train with friends or family members. And if you have a hard time recruiting some training buddies, stick with group fitness classes. You’re bound to meet some new people and end up with a new social circle of support.

3. Set realistic goals and expectations.

If you find that you’re not getting the results you expect from your workouts, all that time in the gym might stop being fun. Keep your enjoyment level high by managing your expectations and setting realistic goals. If you find that you’re overreaching, take a step back and come up with a more manageable goal that will keep you motivated and having fun.

4. Try a new challenge.

Heading to the gym and doing the same workout routine over and over sounds like a sure path to boredom. You can keep your fitness routine fun by finding a new challenge. Maybe you start working toward your first pull-up or a PR with the weight you use at the gym. New challenges can spark motivation as well as enjoyment!

5. Focus on your own journey.

Another way to keep your workouts fun is to stay focused on your own individual journey. Avoid comparing yourself to others and pay attention to the gains you’re making along the way. Celebrate each subsequent success and share your results with people who care about you.

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