Two workout partners clasp hands after a good workout at AR Fit Factory in North HollywoodThere are a variety of benefits you experience when you work out with a friend, family member, or significant other. But how do you find a good workout partner? Here are some characteristics to look for in an awesome workout partner:

1. Similar Schedules

When thinking about a good workout partner, make sure you cover logistics like timing and scheduling. Find a partner who has a similar schedule to yours or will make it to the gym at the same time you will. If your partner shares the same schedule, then you’re less likely to struggle with ongoing schedule conflicts and last-minute cancellations that could lead to you working out solo.

2. Shared Workout Goals

Another thing to look for in an awesome workout partner is shared or similar workout goals. This doesn’t mean that you need to find someone with the same fitness level as you. But it’s helpful knowing that your partner is working toward a shared goal. You’ll be able to share the process with this person and celebrate small successes along the way toward getting results.

3. Positivity

An awesome workout partner will also have an awesome attitude. Try to find someone who’s positive most of the time. They don’t have to be your personal cheerleader. But overall, they should share your excitement and motivation for getting to the gym and working hard.

4. Accountability

Find a workout partner you can rely on and who will provide you with some accountability. If your friend or family member is always trying to talk you out of going to the gym or heading to the coffee shop instead, they may not be the best partner for you. Find someone you know you can count on to give you a push when needed.

5. Mutual Support

An awesome workout partner will be there to support and encourage you, but the best part is returning that support. Mutual support is another asset in an awesome workout partner. They have your back, and you have theirs!

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