Keep-Your-Heart-Healthy-with-Cardiovascular-Endurance-AR-Fit-FactoryA well-rounded workout routine targets multiple elements of physical fitness, including endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Not only does endurance play a role in your fitness level, but it also keeps your heart healthy and functioning properly.

Here are just a few of the ways that cardiovascular endurance keeps your heart healthy and your body fit.

Your heart is a muscle.

Did you know that your heart is a muscle? And like any other muscle in your body, it gets stronger with consistent use. The best way to “exercise” your heart is through aerobic activities, like swimming, cycling, rowing, hiking, and dancing. When adding more aerobic exercise into your workout routine, start with a few minutes and gradually build up the duration. Over time, your heart will become more efficient, and your cardiovascular system will improve.

Varied levels of intensity.

Many people work out at high-intensity levels. And while high-intensity exercise has many benefits, there are also benefits to varying your intensity to include more moderate levels of work. For example, if you train at the same intensity all the time, your body will eventually adapt, and you will hit a plateau and stop seeing progress. But by varying intensity to include lower, more aerobic exercise, not only will you build cardiovascular fitness, but you’ll also avoid boredom, burnout, and overtraining.

Energy for daily life.

Another way that cardiovascular endurance keeps your heart and body healthy is by providing you with the energy you need for your daily life. For example, when your cardiovascular system is well-trained, you’re more likely to feel like you have energy at the end of a busy day. Rather than feeling zapped halfway through the day, a strong cardiovascular system can help keep you going with plenty of stamina and energy.

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