A man uses both balance and stability to do a handstand on the beach with the ocean in the backgroundWhen we think about improving our physical health and fitness, we might think about burning calories or building strength. And while these things are important in long-term health, they represent only a small part of what makes up our overall health and fitness level.

Balance and stability are also important elements of fitness. By making sure your body is balanced and stable, you’ll not only get more out of your workouts, but you’ll also improve your daily life.

Here are a few simple tips on how to improve your balance and stability:

1. Engage and strengthen your core.

When you balance on one leg, your entire body is active. So rather than just relying on a single leg to keep yourself balanced and stable, your whole body helps you stay upright. Your core muscles, the muscles in your trunk and hips, play a big role in body balance and stability, so it’s important to engage these muscles and keep them strong.

2. Do single-leg movements and exercises.

We tend to have a dominant side of our body, and you probably don’t realize what side is stronger or more dominant than the other. Until you try to stand on one leg. Most likely, you’ll notice that it’s easier to balance on one side of your body vs. the other. You can work on bringing strength and balance to both sides by doing single-leg movements and exercises.

3. Try yoga.

If you’re not sure how to strengthen your core or what single-leg movements to try, yoga is the answer to both of these questions. Yoga is a great activity to include in your gym routine. You’ll work on balance and stability while getting some mindfulness training as well.

4. Mix up your workout routine.

Variety is a great way to work on improving your balance. But if you always do the same workout routine, you might miss out on improvements over time. Instead, mix up your workout routine with new movements, intensity levels, and skills, and you’ll continue to make progress in your overall physical health and fitness.

Group bootcamp classes are a great way to make sure you’re getting plenty of variety in your workouts. Contact us at AR Fit Factory in North Hollywood to learn more about the programs we have to offer.