Modifying-a-Workout-is-Totally-Okay-AR-Fit-FactoryOne of the many benefits of taking a fitness class from a knowledgeable coach or instructor is learning how to modify an exercise or sequence of movements. Modifications aren’t cheating; they’re totally okay. Modifying a workout gives you alternatives to do what’s best for your body.

Here are a few reasons why modifying a workout is more than okay:

1. To stay in tune with your body.

Some days you show up for a class with a huge smile and tons of energy. And other days, you might show up in the midst of a stressful day full of challenges. Your body’s response to stress and daily life can impact your workout. And being in tune with your body means knowing when to modify your training to align with whatever your body needs most.

2. To manage an injury.

If you’re managing a past or current injury, then it’s important to modify your workouts so that you continue to heal and stay pain-free. Listen to your body and stick to movements that will support you as you work toward creating a sustainable and consistent workout routine. And let your instructor know before class if you’ll need to modify due to an injury.

3. To learn how to move efficiently and effectively.

In some cases, your body may not be ready to perform a specific movement or exercise. You might be working toward improving your strength, flexibility, or fitness, and that’s awesome! As you’re learning proper form and where your body’s limits are, stick close to your current fitness level and let progress happen gradually.

4. To stay focused on yourself.

When you’re working out with others, it’s hard not to let your eyes wander around the room and notice what other people are doing. But try to stay focused on yourself instead of comparing yourself to others. If you’re the only one who chooses to modify in some way, good for you for knowing what you need at that moment.

5. To try something new.

Trying something new in your workout with a modification might be just what you need to mix things up and add some variety. If you’ve been moving the same way with the same patterns for the past several weeks, use a modification as your opportunity to try something different. You might end up challenging your body in ways you didn’t expect.

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