More-Benefits-of-Bodyweight-Training-AR-Fit-FactoryWithout the complications of learning how to use specific styles of equipment, bodyweight training can be an effective and easy way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts. Not only do bodyweight movements offer a myriad of benefits, but you can also do these exercises almost anywhere.

Here are three more benefits of bodyweight training:

1. Easily Combine Aerobic and Strength Training

Without the need for equipment, it’s easy to switch from a cardio-based exercise (burpees, mountain climbers, etc.) to a strength-based one (push-ups, squats, etc.). This quick change allows for a constantly elevated heart rate, meaning the number of calories burned during exercise is higher. And you’re easily able to fit more reps into a workout without the breaks required for equipment changes.

2. Challenging No Matter Your Fitness Level

Because bodyweight is mostly constant, it may seem like you’ll reach a plateau in your training. This, however, is not the case. Adding reps or changing form to create a harder, more intense exercise are ways that you can ensure you’re still challenging yourself and adding to your routine. If you feel like an exercise is too easy, ask a coach how you can modify it to make it more challenging!

3. Increases Core Strength and Flexibility

As you use your body to stabilize yourself during exercises, you’ll notice a strengthening of your core, as well as an increased level of flexibility. These are two great side effects of bodyweight exercises, as core strength is essential to overall health and fitness, and improving flexibility can prevent injury in the future.

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