Tips-for-When-Youre-Ready-to-Go-Back-to-the-Gym-AR-Fit-FactoryAfter spending several weeks working out at home, taking virtual classes, and trying to stay consistent on your own, getting back to the gym is a welcome change. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to go back to the gym:

1. Set realistic expectations.

As excited as you are to be back at the gym, you might face an unexpected challenge – managing your expectations. Rather than expecting to pick up wherever you left off during your last gym workout, take an objective, realistic approach. Understand that aspects of your fitness have probably changed over the past few weeks. You might notice that your endurance has improved, but you may have lost some strength. Or vice versa. Or something completely different. Wherever you are with your fitness when you go back to the gym, start where you are.

2. Be ready to be patient.

As you set realistic expectations around your current fitness, do your best to gradually begin ramping back up. Now is not the time to rush your progress, so be ready to be patient. Doing too much too soon can lead to potential injury or extreme soreness.

3. Revisit your goals.

When was the last time you reviewed your personal fitness goals? Now is a great time to check-in on what your past goals and decide if they’re still motivating and relevant. If not, think about what you’re excited to work toward and create new goals based on that.

4. Focus on consistency.

Now is a great time to focus on creating consistency with your workouts. You don’t have to work out every day to be consistent. Instead, decide on a workout frequency that’s realistic to you and your lifestyle. For example, you could build a consistent workout habit around getting to the gym three days a week for the next month. Once you’ve established that pattern, reassess and see if you need to make any changes to keep moving forward.

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