Reasons-to-Set-Fitness-Goals-for-2021-AR-Fit-FactoryAs we come to the end of a challenging and unexpected year, now is the time to start looking ahead. If you’re ready to set new goals for the new year, great!

Here are five reasons to set fitness goals for 2021

1. Accountability

One reason to set fitness goals for 2021 is to increase your accountability. When you have set specific fitness goals, then you have something to hold yourself accountable to. It’s harder to hit the snooze button for a 6 am workout or skip out on the group class you signed up for at lunch.

2. Sense of Purpose

Another reason to set fitness goals in the new year is that a fitness goal provides you with a sense of purpose. Rather than working out whenever you feel like it or going through the motions at the gym, you have a goal to give you some structure. And, when faced with any setbacks, your sense of purpose can get you right back on track. Your fitness goal will remind you why it’s important to wake up early or make it to that lunchtime workout.

3. Measure Progress

Defining your fitness goals for the new year gives you a way to measure your progress. Rather than having a vague idea of how you’re doing at the gym, a measurable goal gives you a way to track your progress. Without a way to track your progress, it’s impossible to know if you’re improving and getting the results you want.

4. Overcome Obstacles

Once you have determined a fitness goal, you can identify your strengths that will help you achieve it. At the same time, you can also call out any obstacles that you might run into. Once you define these potential barriers, you can also develop a plan for how you will get past them.

5. Narrow Your Focus

Rather than trying to achieve too many fitness goals at once, setting one or two fitness goals will narrow your focus. And with a more narrow focus, you increase your chances for success.

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