Set-Yourself-Up-for-a-Healthier-Workday-AR-Fit-FactoryWhether you’re working at home or at your office, here are a few simple suggestions on how to set yourself up for a healthier workday:

1. Stay hydrated.

Not only can falling behind on your water intake have a negative effect on your workouts, but it can also affect your daily life. Staying hydrated throughout your workday keeps your brain and body functioning. Try to keep a water bottle with you so that you’re more likely to sip throughout the day.

2. Stand up frequently.

Plan on taking breaks during your workday to stand and stretch your legs. The longer you sit, the more your muscles can shorten and feel tight. The effects of sitting can cause pain in your joints and low back, so take some time to stand and stretch.

3. Include a workout.

Try to include a workout as part of your workday. Whether you work out before or after work or during your lunch hour, your body and mind will benefit from the physical activity. It can be the break you need to step away from your desk and computer to recharge and clear your mind.

4. Take your meetings outside.

If you’re able to accommodate the change in the environment, take your one-on-one meetings outside. Take a walk with your co-workers or chat on the phone as you walk near your workplace.

5. Relax your upper body.

Sitting at a desk with your computer can cause you to hold tension in your shoulders, and you may not even realize that you’re doing it. Be mindful of any tension that you’re holding in your muscles, particularly around your neck. Take a deep breath and let that muscle tightness relax several times during your workday.

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