Signs-of-a-Good-Warm-Up-AR-Fit-FactoryWhen you’re ready to work out, it’s tempting to jump in and get started right away. But by skipping the warm-up, not only do you risk injury, but you’ll also get less out of your workout.

So, what does a good warm-up look like? A quick jog around the gym? Some arm and leg swings? Dynamic stretching? Here are four signs of a good warm-up:

1. Start gradually and build up.

The first sign of a good warm-up is a gradual start. You want to move slowly at first, giving your body adjust to your movements. A proper warm-up will gradually increase blood flow to your muscles. Your core body temperature will increase, as well.

2. Start with general exercises and then get more specific.

At the start of your warm-up, you can include more general movements that involve large muscle groups, like walking, jogging, etc. Then, you can start to refine your warm-up to include more specific exercises. If you notice more tightness in certain areas, add a few specific warm-up exercises to target any tighter muscle groups.

3. Progress from limited to more dynamic movements.

Have you ever jumped (literally) right into explosive or dynamic movements without warming-up? Then you’ve probably experienced how jolting this can feel to your body. Start your warm-up by limiting your movements. And then, as your body gets warmed-up, progress to more dynamic movements. By the end of your warm-up, your body should be prepared for both speed and agility.

4. Include the movements of your workout.

Warming-up makes your muscles more pliable and ready for more intense movements. It also loosens up your joints and increases your range of motion. Including the movements of your workout gives you a chance to practice the movements and prepare your body. In the warm-up, you can do the same or similar exercises with no weight or less weight as you practice good technique and proper movement patterns.

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