A woman walks outside and crosses the street while talking on the phone holding a cup of coffeeHere are a few simple wellness habits worth working into your workday:

1. Take a lunch break.

One wellness habit to work into your workday is to take a dedicated lunch break. No matter how tempting it is to keep working right through the lunch hour, it’s important to give your brain a break, as well as some much-needed fuel for the rest of the day. If you can’t take a full hour or 30 minutes, even squeezing in 10 minutes can yield positive and productive results.

2. Tidy up your desk and workspace.

Another helpful workday wellness habit is the cleaning and tidying up your workspace. Try to keep your desk clear from clutter. At the same time, make sure you’re wiping down your keyboard and mouse regularly to keep your space clean and germ-free.

3. Avoid blood sugar highs and lows.

Blood sugar highs and lows can negatively affect your mood, mental clarity, and productivity. However, you can avoid the spikes and drops in blood sugar by eating a healthy breakfast, keeping nutritious snacks on hand, and opting for a meal at lunch (rather than skipping it or eating a candy bar instead).

4. Stand up and step outside.

Another great wellness habit for your workday is to stand up frequently and even take a few minutes outside. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit for eight hours straight. And taking a few moments to step outside can be just what you need to refresh and recharge.

In addition to these simple habits, another great way to set yourself up for a great workday is to get in a quality workout. The timing of a daily workout is entirely up to you! Morning, lunch, or post-work are all great times to hit the gym and get your body moving.

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