A woman wearing a visor runs at sunsetHow great would it be to reach your fitness goals overnight? Pretty great, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. Here are just some of the reasons why quick fitness fixes tend to fail:

Quick fixes aren’t usually sustainable.

There’s a reason why quick fixes aren’t known as sustainable fixes. The results you might see are usually temporary and don’t stick around long-term. The more sustainable route to change and improvement isn’t as desirable because it will take more time. But it will be worth it.

Quick fixes create unrealistic expectations, frustration, and a sense of failure.

Another reason why quick fitness fixes fail is because of how they make us feel. The thought of losing 25 pounds in less than a week sounds amazing. But this claim also sets unrealistic expectations that only lead to feeling frustrated, and ultimately, you feel like a failure. And no one wants that.

Quick fixes don’t develop discipline or patience.

When you take the time to bypass a quick fix in favor of sustainable lifestyle change, all kinds of good things happen. You develop skills like self-discipline, and you learn to ditch instant gratification for patience and long-term results. All good things!

Quick fixes bypass lessons, challenges, and obstacles.

Making the commitment to change your lifestyle to improve your fitness is not easy. That’s why a quick fix seems like such a great idea! But when you take that route, you’re bypassing important parts of the process. As a result, you don’t learn valuable lessons, like how to overcome challenges or obstacles you face along the way. So rather than taking the quick fix, facing a challenge, and giving up, the alternative teaches you how to get through it so that you continue making progress.

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